Airport 5 reasons why you could be detained by customs

Airport: 5 reasons why you could be detained by customs Visas & Voyages Algeria

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Imagine you are flying on a business or leisure trip and are held up at the airport. Frustrating, isn't it? To avoid such a situation, here are some mistakes you should not make during your air travel.

When planning the trip, passengers must also consider factors that could cause problems with airport security and customs, disrupting their travel plans.

Here are five reasons why you could be held up at the airport, listed this Saturday, January 27, by tabloid The Sun.

Items prohibited in luggage

This is the main reason that can cause problems with airport security and customs services. Travelers often think that as long as they don't have any illegal substances in their bag, they will get through security without any problems, but this is not the case.

Travelers traveling abroad must take into account the rules in force at their destination. Some items permitted in some countries may not be permitted in others.

For example, cooked and homemade foods as well as three-layer fishing nets, raw ivory and rhino horns are banned in Dubai. India bans “maps and works that misrepresent the country’s external borders”…

Excessive amount of undeclared money or valuables

Most countries require travelers to declare cash amounts above a certain threshold. The same applies to valuable items whose cost is above this threshold.

This can include jewelry, luxury clothing, and even electronic devices. To avoid confiscation of these amounts and items, you should carefully inform yourself about the rules in force in the country of destination. In most countries the traveler must fill out declaration forms.

Prescription drugs

If you plan to travel with medication, you should ensure that it is allowed in the country you are traveling to. Some are permitted upon presentation of a medical certificate, others are completely forbidden even with a prescription.

It is recommended that you check with the embassies of all countries on your itinerary, including transit countries, before departure to ensure that all your medications are approved.

This is a list of travel rules for medications containing controlled substances published in 2022 by the International Narcotics Control Board.

Undeclared plants, pets or exotic animals

The importation of any living being into another country, including plants, is subject to restrictions. In the United States, for example, customs recommends travelers consult the Don't Pack a Pest website to learn more about declaring plants, seeds, and flowers.

When it comes to pets, regulations vary by airline, country and even time of year. In some countries there are even restricted breeds for pets.

Traveling under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Having a few drinks before the flight to calm your nerves seems like a good idea. However, if the cabin or ground staff think you have had too much to drink, they may refuse to allow you to board the flight.


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