1704257182 ALARM The risk of new diseases and epidemics in the

ALARM! The risk of new diseases and epidemics in the world is high, says the UN multiversonoticias.com.br

The collective trauma caused by the coronavirus pandemic COVID19 is not yet understood and there are already initial warnings of possible new pandemics.

The event will take place on Wednesday (December 27th). United Nations Organization (UN) reported that there is a high risk of epidemics and new infectious diseases worldwide if responsible politicians and governments do not take effective prevention measures.

In an appealing tone, the UN outlined the situation in light of the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness. In the statement, it also mentioned that the world could face serious and serious impacts on both health and the economy.

“They threaten to overwhelm already overstretched health systems, disrupt global supply chains and cause disproportionate damage to the livelihoods of people, including women and children, and to the economies of the poorest and most vulnerable countries,” the United Nations warned Nations.

Possible solutions

ALARM The risk of new diseases and epidemics in the

The Covid19 pandemic is over, but more could come, according to the UN Image: Reproduction

In the same appeal, the United Nations also suggests some possible solutions or strategies to mitigate the future impacts Epidemics.

“There is an urgent need for robust and resilient health systems that are able to reach the most vulnerable,” he stressed.

In addition, the organization understands that there is now a great need for “awareness raising, information sharing, scientific knowledge and best practices,” all coupled with “highquality education and awareness programs.”

The future scenario is scary, but there is still time to act. The United Nations notes that possible future epidemics “could exceed in intensity and severity those that have occurred in the past.” More complicated than Covid19? Yes.

Only in Brazil does the disease cause new ones Coronavirus More than 708,000 people have been killed so far. Nearly 7 million deaths have been recorded worldwide, while 695.8 million people have contracted the disease.