quotAlarmingquot Austria only ranks 20th in the corruption

"Alarming": Austria only ranks 20th in the corruption index

quotAlarmingquot Austria only ranks 20th in the corruption

Denmark performs better again. Experts call for sweeping reforms.

Austria ranks just 20th in the 2023 corruption index. The ranking was determined by International Transparency (IT) accomplished.

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Although Austria is two positions better than in 2022, the number of points remains the same (71).

“Five years ago, Austria ranked twelfth in the international corruption index. Today we are, at best, second class,” he says. Georg Krakow from TI-Austria. “One of the main reasons for this is certainly the cases of corruption in recent years. “It’s not just a matter of knowing whether criminal behavior was actually committed, but rather the image that our country’s politics, administration and judiciary present to the outside and inside.”

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IT requires a Dissociation from senior management Public Prosecutor's Office of the Minister of Justice. Furthermore, this would have to be the case Lobbying law be sharp.

Denmark He secured first place again this year (90 points) and shared the podium with Finland and New Zealand. In last place this year are Somalia with eleven points, as well as Venezuela, Syria and South Sudan with 13 points each.


“It is a worrying testimony for the republic! “Due to the lack of transparency, disillusionment with politics increases while the population’s trust decreases”, he states Alexander Picker, CEO of TI-Austria. “These are alarming symptoms of a crisis facing Austria.”