1674634882 Alba Parietti confession about Fabio quotLightning strike We were

Alba Parietti, confession about Fabio : "Lightning strike. We were on a train and…"

Alba Parietti confession about Fabio quotLightning strike We were

The relationship between couldn’t get any better Alba Parietti and Fabio Adami, Head of the Italian Post. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the two, who have been together for ten months, talk about each other for the first time. And first, they explain when and where their first meeting took place: “On March 23, 2022 in the train. I had to pick him up an hour early, he 2 hours later,” the showgirl began. Then Fabio added: “We wore the mask, I didn’t recognize it immediately. I was sitting two seats forward, from the back, but I spied on her with my cell phone, like a rear-view mirror.” “I noticed her shape. As he parked the car, we exchanged our first glances. I admired his shoulders as we drove. Then at the height of Lake Bolsena I went to the bathroom to settle down and he recognized me‘ She continued.

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He then revealed he had always had a soft spot for the woman who is now his partner: “I lived in India and Kenya until I was 18, my father worked at Alitalia, my friend who worked at Telemontecarlo, and we all asked him to tell us about Alba Parietti in her heyday on the Galagoal stool, until one day she arrived with a black and white photo with the autograph and the inscription: To Fabio“. Returning to the first meeting, said Parietti “Lightning”. And she revealed that she texted him right after getting off the train: “As soon as I got into the car that was waiting for me outside, I texted him: ‘I would be curious, the other half of the face to see’.”

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Before letting go, however, the showgirl said she did a little research on him: “I’ve done my research. Everyone assured me that he is a good person, a caring father, a serious professional.” In this regard, Adami said: “I was worried: someone had told me that they examined me, I didn’t know who.” When asked about the arguments, Parietti confessed that they rarely argue, “but when it happens, he goes from Prince Charming to Lebanese of the Banda della Magliana. And I have to admit I find it even sexierFinally, the presenter said of jealousy: “I’m the most jealous. Because I see how other people look at him. Since he’s been with me, five thousand women have asked him to follow him on Instagram.”

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