Albano Carrisi has forgotten Lecciso his new flame is a

Albano Carrisi has forgotten Lecciso: his new flame is a little girl | Not many liked it 0 100

Albano Carrisi has forgotten LoredanaAlbano Carrisi has forgotten Loredana

Albano Carrisi was caught in the company of his new love, but she is still a little girl. Almost no one liked it.

One of the most famous names in Italian music is Albano Carrisi. The Apulian singer, also known as Al Bano, rose to fame during his long career full of success. For many years, Albano was alongside Romina Power, both professionally and emotionally, and then with Loredana Lecciso until 2018.

But Al Bano is not just a singer. As a celebrity, his life is influenced by the interest shown to him by fans, critics and the general public. The lives of VIPs fascinate us and we want to know more and more about them: in this context, magazines and gossip sites have emerged that try to get information about celebrities for their users.

Often it involves the revelation of love stories, perhaps hidden or undeclared, which are removed from the privacy of VIPs through photos, videos or statements and made public to the delight of curious onlookers.

What was discovered about Al Bano has provoked strong reactions from many of his followers and listeners, who therefore do not agree with all of the singer's decisions. The tabloids photographed him walking around town with his company New flame from which it now seems inseparable.

Al Bano's achievements

Al Bano's romance with Romina Power was a relationship that many Italians could rely on. For 29 long years, from 1970 to 1999, the two formed an indestructible couple both on stage and off, until separation separated them.

The artistic partnership was then revived in 2013 and 2014, when Al Bano and Romina sang together again in concerts in Moscow and on a world tour through the USA, Canada and Europe. The following year, 2015, Al Bano and Romina return Sanremo and they perform in the Arena of Verona.

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New flame for Al Bano?

Thanks to this brilliant career, Al Bano has missed out on quite a few successes Mood. Far from being a vulgar exhibitionist, Al Bano has nevertheless been seen on several occasions in the company of famous people and in extremely luxurious situations. Who would blame him?

However, there are critics, especially when it comes to the singer's new flame. Al Bano was actually spotted aboard a wonderful ship Porsche Macan black color, a report that provoked various reactions. Porsche Macan is an SUV from the famous German brand, a wonderful car, but it also has its critics. It seems that even VIPs have to get involved Compromisesbecause no one will ever get everyone to agree, not even with a Porsche.

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