AlbertAngela quotI discovered my father Pieros secret I knew itquot

AlbertAngela: "I discovered my father Piero’s secret. I knew it"

The special episode of Ulysses aired last night on Rai 1 was exciting. Alberto Angela he dedicated to his father Piero a reasoned and sentimental anthology on the professional and personal life of the journalist who died last August; a choral story from which the appreciation and respect for the man and for the profession can also be felt in front of the father. Tracing Piero’s life, his son reveals some backgrounds to explain the complexity of his work at the dawn of television – and in the pioneering period of scientific dissemination – to tell what happened in Angela’s house, between Paris and Brussels, between Turin and Rome. Everything always with an eye on current events: The recovery stories from sent by the war between Algeria and Vietnam are intended as a reminder that these images and words are the same that can be seen halfway around the world today. “By preparing this program I discovered things about my father that I didn’t know“, revealed Alberto Francesca De Pasquale, who interviewed him for DiPiùTv: “For the first time I saw some of his reports made on the occasion of the liberation war in Algeria. Not everyone knows that he was also a war correspondent.”

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In this special, truly unique program, the TV audience got to know you PeterAngela from new perspectives. “It was possible”, writes Giorgia Iovane on Tvblog, thanks above all to an unprecedented Alberto who did not fail to share his personal memories, the memories of his son and colleague, who gave up part of his “confidentiality” to make them his own father, who has risked more than we have seen in many years. Every “my father”, every “my father”, but also every “piero” was an insight into his private life.

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