Alessandro Baricco tells Fazio about his illness It39s a steep

Alessandro Baricco tells Fazio about his illness: “It's a steep road, but I'm fine.” And I don't want to stir up fears”

“I'm fine, otherwise I wouldn't be here.” I spent the summer in the San Raffaele hospital, I don't know, where were you? The writer Alessandro Baricco jokes with Fabio Fazio, guest of Che Tempo Che Fa sul Nove, where he also talks about his illness and health. But he does so with a warning: don't obsess over celebrities' illnesses, don't think that pain is normal. First, however, he describes what he experienced. In January 2022, two years ago, he announced that he was suffering from leukemia. “You leave beautiful parts of yourself behind, and so when you go out, whether healed or not, you have to go through a path to regain everything, it's a kind of ascension,” admits Baricco of the difficulties, “I think I had to brush my teeth.” I had teeth and was so weak that I could only hold my hand steady with my other arm and move my head. There I wondered where life was taking you. The whole story unfolds with smiles and widespread composure. Fazio asks him whether his relationship with his body has changed, whether he feels betrayed. «I have worked with my body my whole life. Between body and mind, it is precisely the body that has usually achieved the things before me,” he replied, contrary to those who may think that an intellectual is more interested in the mind than the body, “I have that in the “I've never experienced anything like this before.” a ballast, it is the essence of my journey. I'm telling you, I didn't get angry when I was sick.

The VIP disease

“I shared some of the curveballs of this illness journey on social media and something happened that I never expected,” Baricco continues, “it's full of people who love me and I didn't realize that.” It was a powerful one Feeling, also because I know that I have been poorly tolerated in the past because of my presumption, my arrogance and because of my success.” And yet: “I want to make it clear: my illness affects one in 100,000 people, and it is a serious illness an anomaly, I don't want it to be experienced as a common experience for people.” Keep calm”. The author argues with the media's morbid interest in the illnesses of celebrities, Baricco wants to escape this carousel. “It was a practical decision “, I wanted to quickly inform as many people as possible that I was sick, and not to stir up fear,” he reasons, “I repeat, I did not want to fuel the obsession with the illnesses of VIPs.” – I'll get in touch in this category – my intention was different.”

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