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Alessia still doing boom(erissima): Follesa rocks (with controversy)

In the second episode, the Marcuzzi show grows and conquers the public and social networks. Mainly thanks to the comedy. But a fight breaks out with Ema Stokholma

Posted on: January 18, 2023 11:30:00 amboomers

Source: RaiPlay

After the success of the first episode, on the evening of January 17th Alessia Marcuzzi she came up again Rai 2 for a new appointment at Boomerissima. Audiences once again appreciated the new format in which boomers and millennials collide with games, music and dance.

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Increasing ratings for Boomerissima

Proof of this are the ratings of the second episode: from 7.4% from the debut to8.5% from yesterday evening. An excellent start, then, for Alessia Marcuzzi, who collects thousands of positive comments on social networks about her new show, which has even been included in the trending topic. An unexpected addition to the Rai 2 program, which is definitely establishing itself as one of the most successful experiments of the current season: the second state TV network had so far failed to get the hang of it and ended up with one flop after the other. We needed a show like Boomerissima, light, ironic and funny, for solve it the lots.

Katia Follesa show at Boomerissima

The presence of in the Boomer team undoubtedly contributed to the success of the second episode of the program Katja Follesa. The comedian, who has had a veritable career boom in recent years, became the protagonist of countless skits, sharp jokes and entr’actes that literally made the difference getting crazy the public. Comments are wasted on social media, especially regarding the choreography that she and Alessia Marcuzzi have staged thanks to the “magic wardrobe”. Katia Follesa proved it once again something extraand earn a place among the leading faces of Italian television.

controversy in the team

However, there was no lack of controversy. After the clash between Tommaso Zorzi and Claudia Gerini. This time the debate was born on social media and the protagonists are Ema Stokholma, Elena Santarelli and Julia Stall. The dates of birth of the three women heated up tempers: according to the public, none of them belonged to the group to which they had been assigned. Giulia Stabile, born in 2002, is one of the so-called generation z, which millennials see as too far away. Ema Stokholma shouldn’t have been part of this team either: born in 1983, she was considered too “old”. Just 2 yearsThen they separate her from Elena Santarelli, born in 1981, who was part of the Boomer team. However, Stokholma herself wanted to clarify: “Let’s get one thing straight: Millennials start from 81 to 96! I was born 9/12/1983 so I’m in! Are you calling me a liar?”, posted over Twitter.

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