1701220235 Alianza Lima 2024 signings registrations deductions and rumors for Liga

Alianza Lima 2024 signings: registrations, deductions and rumors for Liga 1 and Copa Libertadores

1701220230 373 Alianza Lima 2024 signings registrations deductions and rumors for Liga

Lima Alliance After the defeat against Universitario de Deportes in the national final, the tide has already turned League 1 Betsson 2023. The board of the blue and white team is planning next season, in which they will compete in the local tournament and the group stage Libertadores Cup. In this note we tell you all about the additions, deletions, rumors and renewals of the familiars for the next campaign.

What are the Alianza Lima supplements?

Until now, Lima Alliance Only the commitment of Colombian winger Kevin Serna, who has recently distinguished himself in the ADT, could be secured. The small club also announced Colombian Alejandro Restrepo as its new coach.

  • Kevin Serna (extreme)
  • Alejandro Restrepo:(Trainer)
  • Bruno Marioni: (sports manager)

Which players could reach Alianza Lima?

This became known in the last few hours Lima Alliance would be close to finalizing three new signings for the 2023 season. These are Marco Huamán, Kevin Sandoval and Renzo Garcés. It was also reported from Colombia that Alejandro Quintana and Brayan Rovira would be targeted by confidants.

  • Marco Huaman (Right side)
  • Kevin Sandoval (extreme)
  • Renzo Garces (defend)
  • Alejandro Quintana (Colombian goalkeeper)
  • Brian Rovira (Colombian midfielder)

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How high are the losses at Alianza Lima?

Through their social networks Lima Alliance announced the departure of five players for the following season. These are Italo Espinoza, Oswaldo Valenzuela, Edinson Chávez, Aldair Rodríguez and Joao Montoya.

  • Mauricio Larriera:(Trainer)
  • Italo Espinoza: (goalkeeper)
  • Oswaldo Valenzuela: (steering wheel)
  • Edinson Chavez: (Right side)
  • Aldair Rodriguez: (Forward)
  • Joao Montoya (Steering wheel)

Which Alianza Lima players are out of contract?

  • Gino Peruzzi (right defender)
  • Pablo Míguez (defense)
  • Josepmir Ballón (steering wheel)
  • Jairo Concha (midfielder)
  • Andres Andrade (midfielder)
  • Cristian Benavente (midfielder)
  • Pablo Sabbag (striker)
  • Christian Cueva (midfielder)
  • Hernán Barcos (striker)