Alianza Lima could turn to the TAS to lift the

Alianza Lima could turn to the TAS to lift the sanction against the Matute Stadium

Alianza Lima could turn to the TAS to lift the

They will strive for justice until the last moment. Lima Alliance I had planned to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) after the Disciplinary Commission of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) imposed a sanction on the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium: it was closed for seven months due to the power outage.

Let us remember that this penalty prevents the team from playing League 1 matches and that it would also apply to the Copa Libertadores matches, although the latter was rejected by the Victorian team’s legal department.

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When would Alianza Lima take part in the TAS?

According to ESPN, Alianza Lima would turn to the TAS if the FPF Appeals Commission rules against the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium case.

“(The sanction) would expire on June 24. The stadium would be closed until then. Alianza Lima will appeal. She has until Wednesday the 29th until 8:00 p.m. They will also appeal against the sanction of Ángelo Campos that suspended him for four dates, as they consider it excessive. And in the event that the Appeal Commission does not agree with them, Alianza Lima plans to appeal to the TAS about the closure of the Matute Stadium. One detail is that the “Cup Libertadores” can be played. The sanction applies to Liga 1, but not to Conmebol Libertadores,” reported journalist Fernanda Huapaya.

When does the preseason start at Alianza Lima?

According to Ovación journalist Gerson Cuba, the Victorian team plans to start the 2024 preseason next Wednesday, December 6 of this year.