1676640977 Alianza Lima subjects set fire to Alejandro Villanuevas stadium

Alianza Lima: subjects set fire to Alejandro Villanueva’s stadium

Alianza Lima subjects set fire to Alejandro Villanuevas stadium

Just two days after the Peruvian soccer classic, people who have yet to be identified threw a Molotov cocktail at Matute Stadium in La Victoria. On February 15, the fans of the blue and whites celebrated the 122-year anniversary of their love club.

No to violence. Only a few days after the Peruvian football classic between Universitario and Alianza Lima was played, the sports facility of the club La Victoria, Matute, was set on fire by some subjects in the early hours of this Friday morning. According to information gathered by Panamericana, it would have been a person on board a vehicle who would have thrown a Molotov cocktail at the intimate team’s shield.

Immediately afterwards, neighboring residents of the area, seeing the flames spreading even further along Alejandro Villanueva’s facade, extinguished the fire by pouring water and earth to contain the incident. Also as a result of this attack, some of the stadium’s majolica tiles were found on the ground, destroyed, and the Alianza Lima shield appeared to be damaged by fire. It is worth remembering that just a few days ago, fans of the blue and white club celebrated the 122nd anniversary of their beloved team near the Victorian fort.