Alianza Limas new sports managers strong message about indiscipline

Alianza Lima’s new sports manager’s strong message about indiscipline

Alianza Lima introduced and announced Colombian Alejandro Restrepo as their new coach Bruno Marioni He will be the institution’s new sports manager. In the middle of a press conference, the former Argentine footballer spoke about the topic of discipline in the squad and left a clear message looking ahead to the 2024 season.

“We will implement and respect the internal regulations. Belonging to Alianza Lima should be a pride and responsibility for all members who are here. Given that there are processes and responsibilities, I believe that with good communication everyone should respond to them.” “I don’t think we will have problems,” he told the media.

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The situation of new signings in Alianza Lima

On the other hand, Bruno Marioni specified that the players will be evaluated to put together the squad. In addition, he emphasized that the main goals are to participate in the local tournament and the Copa Libertadores.

“We analyze all footballers. We know Alejandro (Restrepo)’s career and he supports it. We will let each of the people who are happy about your arrival know. We are pleased that you are with us. “We will continue to work to create a good, competitive team,” he said.

Alianza Lima signings for 2024

  • Heights: Kevin Serna (striker), Alejandro Restrepo (coach), Bruno Marioni (sports manager)
  • Low: Mauricio Larriera (coach), Aldair Rodríguez (striker)
  • Possible extensions: Hernán Barcos (striker), Jairo Concha (midfielder), Gino Peruzzi (side), Josepmir Ballón (midfielder).

Alianza Limas new sports managers strong message about indisciplineAlejandro Restrepo, Néstor Bonillo and Bruno Marioni begin a new stage in Alianza Lima for 2024. Photo: La República/Rosario Rojas

This was the presentation of Alejandro Restrepo and Bruno Marioni at Alianza Lima