Aline Wirley will have the toughest postBBB, says DieguinhoSplash

In the top 4 of BBB 23 (Globo) alongside Amanda, Larissa and Bruna Griphao, Aline Wirley worries that her participation in the reality of her artistic career has harmed her.

The journalist Dieguinho Schueng said in the splash show that the singer hasn’t ruined her career but will have a personally difficult postreality for her choices in the game.

“Aline will have the hardest time after the BBB because she will look at her history and understand a lot of things that she has been through and even questioned. She was the one who cried the most because she had doubts about whether she was going down the right path,” he said.

Schueng believes that in interviews, for example, the sister is confronted with the fact that she avoided discussions on controversial topics such as questions of race.

“She will need a lot of support from her family and psychologically to more calmly digest what information she will consume. I wish her strength,” he added.

Tadeu Schmidt had to feign luck with deserts in the top 4 of the BBB 23

Dieguinho Schueng commented on Tadeu Schmidt’s stance when discussing the consistency of Quarto Deserto’s only sisters in the top 4 of BBB 23.

After announcing the departure of Ricardo Alface with 68% of the votes in the 17th paredão, the reality show host congratulated Larissa, Amanda, Aline Wirley and Bruna Griphao.

“Tadeu made an impeccable speech and matched Alface. He gave his blood, although he couldn’t hide his dissatisfaction. He clearly feigned joy and showed a forced smile,” he pointed out.

For Schueng, the presenter’s “lack of animation” showed that even he didn’t expect the people who played the most to be eliminated.

“It just proves that we went through a season that Tadeu didn’t think signing would make people fail,” he added.

Journalist Franklin David agreed with Schueng, lamenting the recent BBB eliminations.

“Tadeu said he preferred Alface and put himself in the position of a father who wanted a son. He really wanted Alface to stay in the game and trying to explain what happened in the last three eliminations is sadly huge,” he pointed out.

BBB 23 x BBB 22: Which edition had the best cast?

The final week of BBB 23 recorded a rating significantly lower than the last leg of the previous edition, which had Arthur Aguiar as champion.

The reality show, whose start time was influenced by last Wednesday’s showing of Flamengo and Corinthians in the Libertadores, scored 10.8 viewer points in the São Paulo metropolitan area. During the same period, the BBB 22 gained six more points at 16.8.

“It’s a great injustice, because despite everything, I found the BBB 23 edition better than the 22,” said journalist and former BBB 16 Ana Paula Renault.

Journalist Dieguinho Schueng agreed with the former sister, adding that the current edition’s cast is better than BBB 22’s.

“BBB 22 didn’t have the same amount of storytelling, immersion, discussion and performance as 23. The cast was very good but people didn’t buy the issue because it lacked charisma which is very important but Tadeu Schmidt did I don’t have to ask them to take a stand like last year,” he said.

Schueng also blamed Globo’s current 9 p.m. soap opera for the program’s low ratings.

“Travessia is also to blame because it doesn’t have a large audience, which creates disinterest in the BBB and ultimately lower engagement,” he assessed.

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