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All about your connected watch’s heart rate monitor –

Smartwatches today are more powerful than ever. Equipped with several functions, they have become indispensable in many people’s everyday lives. And a networked watch is particularly popular for the heart rate monitor option.

In addition to GPS, fall detection and the blood oxygen app, heart rate measurement is one of the most useful functions of a smartwatch. And for many reasons. Let’s stay on topic for a bit.

What is a heart rate monitor?

The term in English heart rate monitor ” Or HRM refers to what is known heart rate monitor in French. Then this term is also equated with the term “heart rate monitor”. It is a Device that measures and displays heart rate one person in real time. This data can then be used later in a medical analysis.

Installed on a connected watch, this option is able to collect data during the practice of physical exercises. What allows the wearer to measure their heart rate and assess their physical condition. The measurement of the heartbeat is called an electrocardiogram or EKG.

How is it useful?

With a smartwatch, a heart rate monitor is very useful because it helps with that Keep an eye on health and fitness general of a person. For example, if you need to measure your heart rate before and after exercise, this device installed in your connected watch will make your life easier.

This is why advanced smartwatch models are popular. This is due to the heart rate function Essential for professional athletes. As is the case people with heart problems.

This function can also be helpful manage a person’s sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping and don’t know why, your smartwatch can measure the length of your sleep cycles. This tells you when you are entering REM sleep, deep sleep, or light sleep. This data can then be transmitted to a doctor who can then treat you accordingly.

Then the ECG function can be used Detect irregularities in the heart rhythm. By tracking your heart rate during inactivity and during exercise, you can see if your beats per minute are falling or rising.

In newer smartwatch versions, the heart rate monitor Works with a heart rate app. With other smartwatch models like the Galaxy Watch from Samsung, it only needs to be switched on.

Otherwise, some connected watches have special electrodes to measure the heart’s electrical signals. These are sensors or lights that are usually located on the back of a device with advanced technology.

What measures should be observed when using it?

To accurately measure heart rate while doing sports or not. It is recommended to follow the following measures:

Tip 1: Place the watch 2 fingers above your wrist.

The placement of the watch on the wrist is important. This can cause the heart rate reading to fluctuate. The sensor should be able to measure your blood flow through your skin. The measurement is better when the fabrics are soft. And if you have tattoos on one wrist, wear your smartwatch without a tattoo on the other. Some inks interfere with reading.

Tip 2: Tighten the connected watch well to keep it from moving.

Then the light between the sensor and your wrist must not be far away. Therefore, it is recommended to tighten the bracelet well so that there is no gap. However, the tightening should not impede your circulation. It can also skew your heart rate reading. For this reason, it is also important to know how to choose the bracelet that fits your wrist.

Tip 3: Measure your heart rate before you start exercising

Then you have to activate the heart rate function of your connected watch a few minutes before physical exertion, not after it. A connected clock needs time to adjust in order to make a stable measurement. As the physical exertion progresses, the measurement of the heartbeat changes and is displayed to you.

Tip 4: Protect the sensor from dirt and scratches.

On some connected watches, the heart rate sensor is protected by a sticker. However, this must be removed as it blocks the sensor. Dirt and scratches also reduce the effectiveness of the device. Therefore, it is recommended to take good care of your smart watch Clean the sensor from time to time with a microfiber cloth.

A smartwatch does not measure interval training

It was subsequently known to be a chest strap that could perfectly measure a person’s heart rate during interval training. The sensor one smart watch can only measure the heart rate and the level of oxygen released into the blood. This device is therefore still relatively late compared to a real medical device.

The heart rate monitor, the software needs to be updated

Also note later that the algorithms which mostly determine the precision of the BPM are constantly evolving. It is therefore necessary to update the software or the ECG application of your smartphone as soon as a new update is available.

fluctuations in heart rate.

By permanently activating the cardio function of your watch, It’s important to remember that your heart rate may vary. It all depends on your physical condition and the ambient temperature. A tired or sick person has a higher or lower heartbeat. The same applies if she is under stress or has had a lot of coffee. His connected watch will probably show him different results.

Tip to know your heartbeat exactly

Finally, even if a connected watch provides a reliable measurement of your heart rate. It’s never as accurate as a reading from a heart rate monitor worn on the chest. It is If you connect a heart rate monitor to your smartwatch or smartphone, you will get accurate numbers.

Top 3 most connected watches with heart rate monitor

In order to be able to check your state of health at any time, it makes sense to own a high-quality smartwatch. Here are the most popular models with the necessary features to monitor your health:

Apple Watch Series 8

  • Technical characteristics
  • Case: 41 or 45 mm
  • Screen: Edge-to-Edge Retina
  • Dust resistance: IP6X certified
  • Waterproof: up to 50 m
  • Brightness: 1000nits
  • Display area: almost 20% larger than the Apple Watch SE
  • Autonomy: 18 hours

The Apple Watch Series 8 is one Smart and durable watch. Its advanced heart monitoring features are also very advanced. she is waterproof, to dust And to cracks. That is why it is at the top of the ranking.

She has total 4 powerful sensors. An optical heart sensor and an electrical heart sensor for the ECG provide fast numbers. This includes a blood oxygen sensor and a new body temperature sensor.

The Apple Watch Series 8 also has a new one accident detection function. In connected mode, it is able to detect the location of its wearer and alert the emergency services.

  • loads very fast
  • Available with cellular connection and GPS
  • packed with a long list of features and functions
  • An iPhone is required for use
  • Autonomy identical to that of the previous version
  • expensive
  • The temperature sensor allows…
  • Measure your oxygen level…
  • Do an electrocardiogram…
  • Receive notifications when…

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

  • Technical characteristics
  • Battery(s): 1 Lithium Polymer – Included
  • Screen size: 1.1 inch
  • Resolution: 360×360
  • Special feature: sleep monitor, distance tracker
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H) ‏: ‎ 14 x 0.5 x 3.47 cm
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Autonomy: 50 hours

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the second smartwatch to offer excellent ECG functionality when paired with a compatible Samsung smartphone. The watch’s sensors collect data from your wrist, then the EKG report can be read on your smartphone.

THE bioactive sensor of Galaxy Watch 5 has been improved compared to those of the Galaxy Watch 4. And the data collected by the watch can be managed in the application SamsungHealth. In addition to the heart rate function, sleep tracking technology is also integrated. Available in 5 colors, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a stylish, easy-to-wear connected watch.

  • very responsive touch screen
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity
  • slim and durable design
  • Lower battery life than some other smartwatches
  • Not compatible with iPhone
  • limited number of watch faces available
  • Monitor your health 24 hours a day…
  • Measure your body composition…
  • With 13% more battery…
  • Sapphire crystal screen, 1.6x…

Google Pixel Watch

  • Technical characteristics
  • Model Name: Pixel Watch WIFI
  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Capacity: 294mAh
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 4.3 x 1.4 x 24.77 cm
  • Weight: 290 grams
  • Autonomy: 24 hours

And last but not least is the Google Pixel Watch first Android smartwatch with built-in Fitbit capabilities. Health features on this smartwatch include heart rate monitoring, exercise tracking, sleep tracking, and more. And Google has announced that fall detection will be available on its Pixel Watch in 2023.

With an autonomy of 24 hours, it is a good ally during a fitness session. And in everyday life, you can use Google Home to connect to your smart home devices. Users highly appreciate this smart watch for its practicality.

  • Sophisticated and accurate heart rate tracking
  • 4G LTE for accessing apps when the device is not connected to WiFi
  • relatively high price
  • The blood oxygen sensor is not activated yet

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