Alt Tech Alternative Social Media Platforms DO 03

Alt Tech Alternative Social Media Platforms | DO | 03 11 2022 | 16:55

After Donald Trump was blocked on Twitter in early 2021 for glorifying violence and problematic statements, months later the former US president simply founded his own social network “Truth Social” so he could continue spreading his messages unhindered. The service is one of those alternative social media, also known as alt-tech, that prides itself on being free to speak, i.e. not moderating discussions and almost never deleting content. Another alternative technology platform is Parler: Parler was mobilized before the 2021 Capitol Storm and broadcast live during it. American singer Kanye West recently bought Parler after his Twitter account was suspended for anti-Semitic comments. And then there’s the microblogging service “Gab”, which is considered a playground for racists and right-wing extremists. Irmi Wutscher asked Dominik Hammer of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue what role these platforms will play ahead of the US midterm elections.


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