Amara Land Turkish push Mujgan aborts

Amara Land Turkish push: Mujgan aborts?

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Amara Land Turkish push: Mujgan aborts?

The Turkish previews of Terra Amara, the soon-to-be-broadcast soap opera at 2:10 p.m. on Canale 5, indicate that Mujgan will suffer greatly. Yilmaz will reveal the truth about her feelings and the doctor will be so shocked that she will decide to terminate her pregnancy…

The Turkish previews by Terra Amara will be packed with news that will have viewers glued to the screen: all eyes are on you this time Mujgan. After Yilmaz tells her that he still loves Zuleyha, the doctor is so shocked that she wants an abortion! But let’s find out together what the previews of the episodes that will air soon reveal in detail 14.10 on Channel 5.

Terra Amara Turkish advance: Mujgan torn to pieces

The future of Mujgan it’s getting more and more uncertain. Unfortunately, very painful revelations will come for the doctor, which will lead her to make an extreme decision. Everything starts when Yilmaz will give up his escape with Zuleyha after finding out his wife is pregnant. Following the advice of Fekeli the Akkaya will choose to speak truthfully to the woman, even if this sends his marriage into crisis. The boy, bluntly he will tell Mujgan that it is just a makeshift.

Yilmaz wounds Mujgan in Turkish advances

Yilmaz will explain to Mujgan the real reason why Zuleyha left him and married Demir: just to save his life. The Akaya She goes on and emphasizes that she would have known all this information sooner he would never give up Altun. Not only that: As if that wasn’t enough pain for the doctor, the godson of Fekeli he’ll give her the coup de grace by telling her that He still loves his ex. Mujgan she will be so upset that she will flee to Istanbul decided to cancel.

Terra Amara Turkish advance: Mujgan is decided

It doesn’t seem to do anything: Mujgandeeply saddened by what Yilmaz revealed to her She is determined to terminate her pregnancy. The attempts of the doctor, her boyfriend, with whom she asks her to reconsider, are futile. In fact, the woman will be ready to undergo anesthesia. What will the doctor do? Will she really quit or will she change her mind? AND YilmazHe will end his marriage or choose to stay by his side Mujgan?

bitter landthe popular Turkish soap opera, will be broadcast from Monday to Saturday at from November 14.10 on Channel 5.