1664774297 Amazon has a secret online outlet full of incredible discounts

Amazon has a secret online outlet full of incredible discounts

Copyright: Sebastien Bozon - Getty Images

Copyright: Sebastien Bozon – Getty Images

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Ever wondered what happens when Amazon buys too many of a particular item? These clearance items end up in the mega retailer’s very own treasure trove of discounted finds. This “secret” website – known as Amazon Outlet – offers a lot of incredible sales on everything from overstuffed furniture to fashion to tech gear. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of best selling products with up to 60% off!

Does Amazon have an outlet store?

Yes, but it’s not a place to browse through bargain baskets on IRL. Instead of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store, shoppers can get significantly discounted items on Amazon from the comfort of their own home. The Amazon Outlet is an online store that is a bit tricky to navigate from the Amazon home page. On the hidden side you will find overstock and all of Amazon’s discounts and clearance sales at prices that are 10% to 60% off or more. Shoppers can choose from all product categories including fashion, home, tech and more, as well as options from popular brands from UGG to Alo Yoga.

The sheer volume of options is enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned bargain shopper, so we’ve rounded up some of the best overstock deals we’ve found at the Amazon outlet right now. Shop them below, then check out our guides to the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale taking place on October 11th and 12th for even more great deals.

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Our Favorite Amazon Outlet Deals:

What is the difference between Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon Outlet sells overstock and clearance items, while Amazon Warehouse sells open-box items, refurbished items, and returned items. If you’re looking for a bigger discount, you should know that Amazon warehouse items often offer deeper cuts because the items are shipped used or pre-opened. The site also uses labels to give shoppers a quick idea of ​​the condition of the product, based on Amazon’s quality assessment process. If you’re looking for even more ways to save money, you can visit Amazon’s coupons page.

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