American couple sails in the Caribbean and disappears without a

American couple sails in the Caribbean and disappears without a trace: what really happened?

Kathy Brandel and Ralph Hendry disappeared on February 18th when sailing in the Caribbean, especially for the coast of Granada. The local police spoke out in a press release and linked it Disappearance of an American couple with three prisoners who had escaped from their holding cell in a nearby town and were found on the ship.

Family members of both people expressed deep concern because, according to authorities, it is very likely that the spouses are already together “Don’t be among us”.

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What happened to the American couple who sailed in the Caribbean?

The American couple She was last seen on Sunday, February 18, off the coast of Grenada aboard her boat as they headed there from Hampton, Virginia Old and bearded.

Missing American Couple |  Granada |  Kathy Brandel |  Ralph HendryOn Wednesday the 21st, the Association of Salty Dawg Candle was contacted by a sailor who spotted it Simplicity yacht anchored and abandoned off the south coast of St. Vincent. Photo: WHAS11

Last Sunday, Nick Buro, son of Kathy Brandel, told CNN that he hoped his mother and stepfather were safe, but evidence found on the yacht suggested scenes of violence, according to Grenada police. “The ship itself was looted and everything was scattered around the cabin, so There was clearly some sort of altercation.“This suggests that we are concerned for their safety in general as it appears that they were likely injured,” they said.

Missing American Couple |  Granada |  Kathy Brandel |  Ralph HendryKathy Brandel and Ralph Hendry have been missing in Granada for more than a week. Photo: Distribution

As far as search goes, yes Three suspects are being held allegedly related to this event and are already being questioned by San Vicente officials. These were recaptured by the on February 21st Royal Police of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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A couple missing in the Caribbean would have met a tragic end

“Based on the evidence found on the ship, we are concerned that the possibility exists Don't be with us“were the sad words that Nick Buro expressed about the disappearance of his parents.

And it is like that Granada Police issued a less than encouraging statement about the case, saying that preliminary information from investigators indicated that the three captured men were headed to San Vicente on a yacht docked in the San Jorge area.

Missing American Couple |  Granada |  Kathy Brandel |  Ralph HendryThe Grenada prisoners were identified as Trevon Robertson, 19; Abita Stanislaus, 25 years old; and Seaman Ron Mitchell, 30. Photo: WHAS11

According to the Commissioner of the Royal Granada Police, Don McKenzie, the three people had disappeared Kathy Brandel and Ralph Hendry apparently traveling between Granada and St. Vincent, about 80 miles away They are forced to jump overboard.

Although the chances of finding the couple alive are very slim, the search for their bodies still continues.

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The Navigation Club comments on the disappearance of its members

“This is a very disturbing event and although nothing has been confirmed by authorities, it appears to be a tragic event – our hopes and prayers go out to Ralph and Kathy and the family who love them,” club president Bob Osborn said in a statement.

“I have spoken to the families and expressed our deepest condolences and help in every way possible. “In all my years of sailing in the Caribbean, I had never heard of anything like this,” he concluded.