American presidential election The Trump Express rushes towards the nomination

American presidential election: The “Trump Express” rushes towards the nomination

Philippe Gelie. Le figaro.

THE FIGARO EDITORIAL – Undisputed winner in the snows of Iowa and New Hampshire, the ex-president will likely have finished the primary season before the trial season begins.

Normally, American area codes offer the old-fashioned charm of Goose Games: slow, twisty, difficult to predict. But here comes the Donald Trump Express. With two rolls of the dice in states that aren't very representative of the greater America, he has already effectively won the Republican Party's nomination. Undisputed winner in the snows of Iowa and New Hampshire, having gotten rid of almost all of his rivals who are storming their allegiance to get back into his good graces, he only has one small thorn in his side left that he thinks he will soon get rid of . Even combining the former president's disapproval of her name, Nikki Haley trails by 10 points in a state where independents are involved in the vote. She promises to stay in the race, but in a month at the latest, during the Republican primaries in South Carolina, the moment of truth will come: failure (as the polls predict) would certainly be fatal for her…

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