Amici 23 preview of the February 18th episode

Amici 23, preview of the February 18th episode

What will happen on the February 18th episode of “Amici 23” taped today, February 16th? Here are the previews!

A new afternoon episode of “Finally is hereFriends 23“, with new challenges and new achievements. The evening is getting closer and the professors are deciding which participants will be included in the next part of the program. But what happens in the episode recorded today, Friday, February 16th, which will air on Sunday, February 18th? We reveal what will happen, but Beware of spoilers! Before we begin, we would like to remind you that the afternoon appointment takes place every Sunday at 2 p.m. on Canale 5 or live on Mediaset Infinity.

Let's start with a bang: three new competitors have received the coveted evening shirt. But who are we talking about? Well, from heldSinger from Rudy Zerbi's team, MarisolDancer of Alessandra Celentano's team, and finally Martina, singer of Anna Pettinelli's team. The three join in Gaea And Dustinfor a total of five participants with access to the Evening.

Guests and rankings

Guests of this episode are Angelina MangoIn addition to being the winner of Sanremo 2024, she is also the winner of the “Amici 22” singing competition. IramaParticipants of this year's festival and also winners of “Amici” during the 17th edition, e.g Annalisa, also a former participant in “Amici” and “Sanremo 2024”. Both sang their respective songs “La Noia”, “Tu No” and “Sincerely”. They will be added to them Manninni Hey The Kolorsall directly from the festival and especially all old competitors in the program!

The cover competition was judged by Ornella Vanoni. Here she is classification:

  • Martina
  • Petit, Nahaze, Sarah, Lil Jolie
  • Midas, Kia
  • Holden, Malia
  • Ayle
  • The dance competition was judged by Marcello Sacchetta. Below you will find them classification:

  • Lucia
  • Marisol
  • Sofia
  • Kumo
  • Nicholas and John
  • What happened in the new episode of “Friends”?

    In this new episode, not one, not two, but three were given evening shirts: but how did they manage to receive this coveted prize? It started held, overthrown by his teacher Rudy Zerbi to make him sing “Nuvola.” After numerous compliments, she decides to give him her gold shirt. Hereinafter: Marisol She was made to perform an old choreography by teacher Celentano. After she has executed it flawlessly, she also enters the evening. Likewise, Martina sings a cover and Pettinelli is enchanted, to say the least.

    The dance participants danced together with the special guests: Lucia danced with Angelina, Marisol with Irama, Sofia and Kumo with The Kolors, Giovanni (and Francesca) with Annalisa and finally Nicholas with Maninni.

    Last place in the general classification meant that Nicholas and Giovanni, both students of Raimondo Todaro, lost their jerseys. Right now the professor has to do it Time to meditate on their journey and understand whether they will have access to the second part of the program.

    How did the homework and other competitions go?

    New competition of unreleased songs in which Mida, Martina and Holden competed for the prize of a performance at the Red Valley Festival. He was the winner held, with his unreleased “Solo Stanotte.” For a moment he forgets the text, but they force him to read it again: fortunately, this mistake is not enough to make him lose. Other Improv competition between Dustin, Kumo and Giovanni, but this time it was the winner Dustin.

    Is He gives me The Lucia they received gods Assignmentsby Anna Pettinelli and Maestra Celentano respectively, but while Mida does not surpass him, Lucia manages to completely surpass him.

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