1708829125 Amy Schumer reveals she has Cushing39s syndrome

Amy Schumer reveals she has Cushing's syndrome

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer has revealed that she suffers from Cushing's syndrome, several American media outlets report.

In recent weeks, many of the 42-year-old artist's admirers have been wondering why she had a swollen face.

The star said Friday that it was her fans' concerns that made her realize “something was wrong.”

Cushing's syndrome is an endocrine disorder that results in excessive cortisol production by the adrenal glands above the kidneys.

Patients suffering from this syndrome may develop various problems such as weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes and even heart complications.

There are treatments to reduce the amount of cortisol in the body, but these vary depending on the exact cause of the syndrome.

“While I was doing interviews for my Hulu show, I also had to undergo a four-hour MRI scan […] I was afraid I wouldn't live long enough to see my son grow up. When I found out what I had and that I would be cured, it was the best news you could imagine,” says the comedian.