Amy Schumer shared a topless photo I still have 18

Amy Schumer shared a topless photo: “I still have 18 kilos left”

Amy Schumer shared a topless photo in which she joked about how much weight she still wants to lose

The comedian and actress Amy Schumer She shared an intimate aspect of her body transformation on her social media, including recent surgery and her efforts to lose weight. Schumer, who is known for her outspokenness, didn't hesitate to post a topless selfie to her Instagram Stories in which she joked about her body with a touch of her trademark humor.

In the picture, the 42-year-old star posed in a bathroom with one arm covering her breasts and the other raised above her head, leaving only the lower part of her body clad in black underwear visible. Schumer decorated the photo with a comment about the weight he's lost, ensuring he still has a long way to go.

“I still have… 40 pounds [18 kilos] extra”Amy explained in the photo.

In the midst of her weight loss, Amy Schumer uploaded a photo to Instagram in which she reiterated with her trademark humor that she still has a long way to go (Source: Instagram/Amy Schumer)

Schumer has been open about her battle with endometriosis, a condition that led to her undergoing surgery to remove her appendix and uterus in September 2021 to relieve the symptoms of the disease. After giving birth to her son Gene with her husband Chris Fischer in 2019, she revealed that the surgery brought significant relief.

Later, in January 2022, Schumer reported via Instagram that she had resorted to liposuction, a procedure that allowed her to feel “good” for the first time in a long time. The “Trainwreck” star paid tribute to the doctors who helped guide her through her recovery and shared photos of herself in a swimsuit showing off her weight loss.

“I feel good. Finally. It's been a journey. Thank you for helping me regain my strength.”Schumer wrote, mentioning the hospitals that helped her with both her endometriosis and her liposuction. In the publication, the actress mentioned that her uterus did not contract for two and a half years due to her illness; This, along with turning 40, caused Amy a lot of complexes.

Amy Schumer made public the liposuction she had due to her endometriosis in early 2022 (Source: Instagram/Amy Schumer)

During a March 2022 appearance on the Dear Chelsea podcast, hosted by Chelsea handlers Schumer expressed her desire to be honest about the steps she has taken to change her body. On that show, Schumer confessed that he had undergone liposuction, even though he once thought he would never have it. But after the difficult pregnancy with her son Gene, the cesarean section, and the endometriosis that resulted in the removal of her uterus and appendix, this cosmetic procedure didn't seem like such a bad idea.

With that in mind, he confessed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live tried the controversial Ozempic, a type 2 diabetes drug that has gained popularity among celebrities as a weight loss method. However, Schumer experienced adverse side effects that led her to stop taking the medication.

Amy Schumer confessed that she had used the controversial drug Ozempic, but due to the problems associated with it, she stopped taking it Portal/Mario Anzuoni

In that interview, Schumer called on other public figures to be transparent about their use of medications like Ozempic or the cosmetic procedures they undergo to alter their appearance, and criticized those who attribute their weight loss to dietary changes, even though in In reality other factors play a role. Through her personal experiences, she has advanced dialogue about the realities of body health and public image, challenged beauty standards, and encouraged greater honesty in the media space.