An ideal winter for certain maple syrup producers

An “ideal” winter for certain maple syrup producers

Quebec maple producers have experienced exceptional maple syrup production since the start of winter.

The temperature fluctuations of the last few months have resulted in certain sugar bushes producing exceptional yields so early in the season.

“I have been harvesting some of my maple trees in December for the past 5 years. In November I was a little undecided. I noticed that it was a bit hot and unstable. I'm still waiting for a good frost to start, and as the meteorologists got closer to the fact that we would have an El Niño winter, I made my decisions © decisions. I had twice as many as usual,” said Julien Dupasquier, maple breeder at Érablement Bon!, in an interview with LCN.

Syrup began flowing in Mr. Dupasquier's maple grove in December. He has already harvested three pounds of syrup per tap, including certain producers' yields for the entire year.

“It’s ideal in my region at the moment,” says Julien Dupasquier.

“I could easily double it,” he adds.

The latter expects that climate change will force a transformation of the maple industry.

“History tells us that we make maple syrup in March and April when the snow melts, but there are winters with constant cycles of freeze and thaw. So it's certain that there are producers who will decide to make this bet against nature to get as many small castings as they can. There is something to look for,” declares Mr. Dupasquier.

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