Ana Barbara is suing her brother for domestic violence

Ana Bárbara is suing her brother for domestic violence

Lawyer Guillermo Pous He reported that Ana Barbara he sued his brother Francisco Ugalde for domestic violence and explained the reasons.

In addition to her legal battle over the authorship of the song Fruta Prohibida, the singer decided to confront her brother about the alleged accusations and alleged offenses that he made against her.

In an interview with Imagen TV, the lawyer gave a comprehensive explanation of what is happening legally:

“After so many accusations, lies, harassment, insults, insults, it becomes psychological violence and this psychological violence also becomes domestic violence, for which Ana Bárbara files a complaint of domestic violence against José Francisco Ugalde.”

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Double demand

In addition to the lawsuit alleging domestic violence against Francisco Ugalde, the singer and her fiancé, Angel Jose MuñozHe filed a second complaint for threats.

“Mr José Francisco Ugalde has publicly threatened Mr Ángel José Muñoz, husband of Ana Bárbara, on social networks and in various media, there are consequences and a complaint of threats has been filed,” he said.

Regarding the abuse of one of Ana Bárbara's children and the cancellation of Francisco Ugalde's visa, Guillermo Pous pointed out that these were lies.


“Totally wrong, but I insist that anyone who claims something has an obligation to prove it. All the allegations made against Mr. Ángel José Muñoz, a DEA informant, seem to me to be the most fictitious that can exist. He has been an immigration officer for 20 years,” he said.

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Ana Bárbara withdrew financial support from her parents

Another complicated decision the singer made regarding her family was to withdraw financial support from her parents, a situation also revealed by Pous.

“This is because the money she donated to support her parents was donated to Mr. Ugalde, so her reasoning seems correct: 'I don't want to continue supporting my brother, so I would have to stop helping.'” Parents , because it is not being used for its intended purpose,” he said.

So far, Ana Bárbara has not spoken about the family conflicts she is facing; In her most recent statements, she expressed her desire to step in front of the altar soon.