Ana Paula Renault defends Larissa’s sacking at BBB 23: ‘There are rules’ Splash

Ana Paula Renault commented on Larissa’s possible expulsion from BBB 23 (Globo).

This morning, while the brothers were enjoying themselves with another “After the Boys,” Fred poured moisturizer on Larissa, who was lying in the living room. When the sister noticed this, she got up screaming and followed her brother.

Irritated, Larissa would have slapped Fred.

During today’s Central Splash, Ana Paula, who was sent off for assault, opened up about Larissa’s possible slap in the face.

Ana Paula: “That sleight of hand thing doesn’t work. And people should have noticed that because it wasn’t just in my issue.”

The exsister recalled some attacks that have already taken place on the program, like Hariany on BBB 19.

Ana Paula: “It’s not worth it, it can’t be, and if there are rules I think unfortunately Larissa should be kicked out. If not I’ll go to Projac and why did they kick me out for nothing. Two.” Weights and two measures? No!” .

The presenter reiterated that she acted incorrectly in her output and invaded the room of her brother, her opponent in the game, and returned to support the expulsion of the gym teacher.

“If I was expelled, Hariany was expelled, Larissa must be ‘chamon’ and also expelled. Just ‘chamon’ is not worth it.”

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