1706210185 Anatomy of a Fall features great work from Sandra Hulser

Anatomy of a Fall features great work from Sandra Hülser Splash

The tension is clear. Later, the couple's son, Daniel (Milo Machado Graner), returns from a walk to find his father's lifeless body sprawled under the attic window. What initially looks like an accident is then suspected as suicide and ends in a murder investigation with Sandra as the main suspect.

By removing layer by layer the relationship, which is shamelessly exposed in the subsequent process, Triet reveals what a shared life can hide. A confident director with a firm hand, she assembles the pieces of the narrative into a puzzle that insists on appearing incomplete.

Anatomy of a Fall features great work from Sandra Hulser

At the forefront of the mystery, the extraordinary Sandra Hülser delivers a performance designed to maintain uncertainty. The more she reveals her intimacy, the further the circumstances move away from a conclusion.

It's a brilliant interpretation, a character characterized by a fearless expression that disguises his intentions by flirting with emotions. In a dramatic work of extreme complexity, Hülser constructs an unsettling mirror that, by taking sides, causes us to question our own morals.

“Anatomy of a Fall” goes one step further, adding a dynamic gender discussion that floats in the zeitgeist to the mix. In a text that is never melodramatic or exaggerated, the director subtly raises questions that play with our own perception. If this was a man on trial, would he receive the same treatment?