quotAnd so it beginsquot Hugh Jackman shows physical preparation for

"And so it begins": Hugh Jackman shows physical preparation for returning to role of Wolverine in new film by…


Hugh Jackman caused the biggest surprise of the year in the cinematic environment: he will be seen in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds

By Luiz Henrique Oliveira

02/10/2022 16:36 BRT

02/10/2022 16:36 BRT

Hugh Jackman is training to return to play Wolverine in cinemas© Reproduction / Instagram @thehughjackmanHugh Jackman is training to return to play Wolverine in cinemasLuiz Henrique Oliveira

Hugh Jackman has been driving fans crazy over the past week by revealing he has returned to his intense workout routine return to play hero Wolverine in theaters following Ryan Reynolds’ announcement on social media.

“And that’s how it begins,” the star wrote in the publication, which was shared on his Instagram. In the pictures, Jackman appears to be doing his workout, showing off his muscular biceps in a sweaty shirt. Fans of the franchise went wild in the comments: “It’s like a dream,” wrote one user. “We’re proud of you,” snapped another. “Oh yes. ‘Wolvy’ is back,” celebrated another.

Hugh Jackman set fire to social media this week, announcing a possible return to the character for another film. The actor last played the superhero in 2017 when he starred in one of the most critically acclaimed films, Logan.

Director James Mangold, responsible for “Killing” Logan, responded to the comments on social media and spoke about the character’s return. “Oh my goodness! Everybody relax. I was just kidding! All right with me! “Logan” will always be there. Multiverse or prequel, time warp or wormhole, canon or noncanon or no logic at all, I can barely do it expect to see what madness my dear friends Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman come up with,” he said.