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Andrea Giambruno on why he never wanted to marry Giorgia Meloni: "I didn't do it because…" Travel trends

The truth about the failed wedding between Andrea Giambruno and Giorgia Meloni finally comes to light: new controversies after the separation.

The year 2023 ended disastrously for the former First Gentleman Andrea Giambrunoboth from a personal and professional perspective.

The Mediaset journalist was actually overwhelmed by it Scandal sparked by the famous outsiders of “Striscia la notizia”, which immortalized him during some questionable postures while studying his “Diary of the Day”. The conductor was caught red-handed he flirted with some colleagues by Rete 4 and Antonio Ricci's big hit had created a double boomerang in Giambruno's life.

Giambruno's historical companion, Giorgia MeloniIn fact, he announced on social media the end of his ten-year relationship with the journalist and almost at the same time the Mediaset bosses announced it relegated behind the scenes from “Diary of the Day”.

Little Ginevra's parents would have been Andrea Giambruno and Giorgia Meloni common part of the Christmas holidays, to give the child some semblance of normality. However, the hypothesis of reconciliation becomes more distant from week to week. Unless something else happens, the Prime Minister and the host will not have to deal with a much-discussed Totti Blasi-style divorce… But why have they never married?

The secret of Andrea Giambruno and Giorgia Meloni's failed marriage

A few days after the scandal broke, Andrea Giambruno gave a curious interview to the weekly newspaper “Chi”, and his statements were true tickled the provocative Antonio Ricci, who has been in possession of the offending tapes for months. The author later reported that he had proposed the Fuorionda precisely with the intention of demystifying the figure of the host, and the goal was largely achieved.

One of the most interesting topics in the interview is the passage in which Giambruno reflects on the decision not to marry Giorgia Meloni. “As long as they ask us, Giorgia and I will not get married“ – he assured – “We will do it when it suits us.” Or we are already married and haven't told anyone. That rather flashy ring I wear on my ring finger? I like it as it is. I have a gypsy heart, me“.

Andrea Giambruno - Tendendiviaggio.it Andrea Giambruno – Trendsediviaggio.it (Source Ansa)

Andrea Giambruno and vanity for the quiff

Long before the outbursts of Striscia la notizia, Andrea Giambruno had been receiving some attention in the press and on social media diplomatic gaffes to the “diary of the day” and for the frantic care of his appearance, including the quiff.

“Chi” had also researched this, and the journalist had returned the gossip to the sender: “Is it forbidden to have white teeth and thick hair? I'm 42 years old and I'm not losing her. Should I hide? In fact, I grow them specifically…. Incredible. My quiff gets bigger as I listen“. Unfortunately, the prediction turned out to be quite deceptive…

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