Andrea Legarreta the risky cleavage that stole all eyes on

Andrea Legarreta: the risky cleavage that stole all eyes on the Hoy program

Once again the lovely hostess of the “Today program“, Andrea Legarreta became a topic of conversation in the social networking world after sharing a few photos on his account instagram in which he looked spectacular with one of the riskiest looks we’ve seen to date.

In front of her thousands of followers on the social network, the Televisa star revealed that at 51 she maintains her enviable figure and her loyal followers let her know, who immediately fell in love with her beauty and sensuality.

Andrea Legarreta and her risky cleavage

This year 2023, the San Ángel morning show is on the air on long tablecloths for its 25th anniversary, so its star presenters have presented themselves with enviable looks that are sure to be the talk of the entertainment industry. This is what happened with the recent release of Andrea Legarreta.

In the pictures, the most famous TV presenter shows her beauty with a look consisting of white trousers that she complements with a black blouse that draws a lot of attention with the pronounced neckline on the front. Netizens agreed that her cleavage caught everyone’s attention.

Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

Demonstrating her modeling skills, the partner of Andrea Legarreta She showed off her enviable body by showing off a risqué cleavage that garnered endless comments. The post immediately went viral and received thousands of reactions.

“Pretty,” “pretty,” and “beautiful” were some of the comments received by the host on her recent social media outing.

Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

Andrea Legarreta and her legacy in “Today”

As we have already mentioned, the “Hoy program” is celebrating its 25th anniversary on the air, 23 of which have been under Andrea Legarreta’s team, so its legacy is undeniable and unique.

In an interview with various entertainment outlets, the TV star said he was only two years away to create the soap opera Long Live the Children! and become the mother of his daughters, Mia and Nina Rubin Legarreta.

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