Andrea Mainardi sneaky illness suddenly discovered quotI was in the

Andrea Mainardi, sneaky illness suddenly discovered: "I was in the car and…" | Terrible diagnosis iFood

Andrea Mainardi illnessAndrea Mainardi – ifood

The sudden discovery of Andrea Mainardi's illness surprised everyone. The cook tells what happened to him.

We are used to seeing Andrea Mainardi Always full of energy during his TV appearances and when presenting his recipes.

It is no coincidence that he is called “the blonde atomic chef” for obvious reasons. Next to Antonella Clerici which has made him successful since 2012 by having him as our guest often The cooking testIt's still showing today Is always Midday, and not only.

The chef is widely followed on social media and offers his best dishes there. However, due to a sudden illness, he lost his trademark smile.

He himself talks about it and leaves us speechless with the story of his suffering, the unexpected discovery and the outcome.

Andrea Mainardi: the discovery of the disease

Andrea Mainardi owes everything Antonella Clerici; In fact, it was she who gave him the popularity he enjoys today and the chef admitted this in an interview on SanDaniele Magazine some time ago: “The human and professional debt that I have towards Antonella Clerici is immense, as well as towards Anna Moroni. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't founded La Prova del Cuoco […] You never forget your first love. The friendship that connects him with the presenter led to her being his maid of honor at the wedding that took place in 2019 Anna Tripoli.

On the same occasion, the chef talks about the birth of his passion for cooking, which dates back to childhood. At just 8 years old Andrew As he looks through one of his mother's cookbooks, a picture of a chef in a chef's uniform comes to mind and he decides that when he grows up, he will look just like him. Without knowing what he sees Gualtiero Marchesi, and who will really be his disciple? About the experience with the great master he says: “I remember the precision and the obsessive strictness, you could only enter the kitchen if you had a beard and an ironed shirt. If Italian cuisine is what it is, we owe it entirely to him: he took the dishes from our homes and prepared them with sophistication and elegance.”

Mainardi eye diseaseAndrea Mainardi – ifood (Instagram photo)

What happened to the cook?

Andrea Mainardi He is also a television face. In addition to cooking programs, we have also seen it elsewhere. A few years ago he was one of the competitors Big Brother VIP, and here he recounted the terrible experience of an illness that had suddenly struck him. “I was on my way home after work. I sat in the car at the traffic light, scratched my eye and couldn't see anything. The disease affected both eyes but started in one first. I scratched my good eye and everything was blurry,” he says. But if he blames fatigue at first, he'll have to rush to the emergency room the next day. Diagnosis: Keratoconus. A degenerative disease that thins and deforms the cornea, causing significant vision problems.

Heal Mainardi he submitted transplantation of calluses and haven't had any problems since then. He admits that he would have liked to thank the donor, but for privacy reasons he obviously never knew who he was.

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