Android How do I install multiple APKs on my smartphone

Android: How do I install multiple APKs on my smartphone at the same time? – 01net

Installing a long list of apps on an Android smartphone can be very time consuming. Because even if all the applications you need are available in the Google Play Store, you will have to repeat each installation step one by one to have them all on your smartphone. You must first manually locate them one by one, start their download and installation, and wait for the process to complete to tackle the next application. At this rate, it can take you several hours to complete this thankless task.

Unless you decide to install all your apps at once. The procedure is quite possible, but requires some preparation beforehand. Because, in addition to the installation files in APK format of your applications, you must also activate the options for developers. This hidden menu lets you set up USB debugging, a requirement for your smartphone to be able to communicate with your PC. Once these requirements are met, it only takes a few clicks to start installing your applications on Android in order.

1. Enable developer options

If this has not already been done on your smartphone, first enable the options for developers. This hidden Android menu contains many advanced features that are essential to perform certain maintenance operations on your device.

2. Enable USB debugging

You now need to enable USB debugging on your smartphone. This option allows your handheld to communicate with your computer when the two devices are connected with a USB cable.

To enable USB debugging on your smartphone, open the Ideasthen in the menu systementer the developer options. Then scroll through the suggested options and then under the heading Debugactivate the USB debugging.


3. Download the bulk APK installer

Now open the web browser of your PC Download the bulk APK installer. This open source and totally free utility allows your PC to communicate with your smartphone to install Android applications from their installation file in APK format. The icing on the cake, Bulk APK Installer is capable of installing multiple applications at once, saving you valuable time.

If you download the Bulk APK Installer, you will get a zipped archive. Unzip it on your computer.

4. Connect your smartphone to your PC

Grab your best cable and connect your smartphone to your PC. Then open the app Bulk APK Installer.exe present in the bulk apk installer directory you just unzipped.

It’s possible that Windows blocks the file with its smartscreen security module by default. Then click Further informations, then the key run away (Submitted to VirusTotal, Bulk APK Installer generated an empty report).

In the shop window of Bulk APK installer that appears on your screen, click the button with a Reload arrow, at the top left of the window. This should update the list of connected devices and your smartphone should be recognized.


5. Install your APKs in batches

Now click on the blue button located under the mention Choose the APK folderand then select the directory where you save your APK installation files for your smartphone.


Finally click on the button Install APK to start the installation on your Android smartphone of all the APK files present in the dedicated directory of your PC. Wait as long as necessary for all your applications to finish installing.

Bulk APK Installer shows the message ” Performing the streamed installation successfully to let you know that the APKs have been successfully installed on your smartphone. Once the process is complete, don’t forget to restart your Android smartphone so that all the changes made are reflected.