Angelica Vale surprises the networks with radical physical changes and

Angélica Vale surprises the networks with radical physical changes and she is showered with praise

Angelica Vale He attracted attention on social networks in the last few hours because he surprised his followers with one radical physical change This made her look much more beautiful than usual because it turned out that she was the beloved actress and presenter showed off her new figure After losing more than 20 kilos, Angélica María's daughter, as expected, received hundreds of compliments from her fans and even other show business celebrities.

To address the issue first, it is important to note that Angélica Vale herself has indicated that her obesity problems arose after the birth of her second son, Daniel, as she had a difficult birth hormonal imbalance This prevented him from losing weight, even though he dieted and exercised. However, just a few months ago he pointed out that after several years a doctor had finally found the root of his problem and administered it an effective treatment based precisely on hormones.

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Angélica Vale has stated that she gained weight due to a hormonal problem. Photo: IG: angelicavaleoriginal

It was last November when Angelica Vale On his 48th birthday he visited the press and there he revealed everything that had to do with his weight loss, which he noted at the time I had already lost at least 20 kilos with the above treatment and stated that he is taking good care of himself as he intends to lose even more weight.

Angélica Vale has lost more than 20 kilos in the last few months. Photo: IG: angelicavaleoriginal

Angélica Vale surprises her fans with a radical physical change

In the latest publications of the social networks of “The Vale Show” The radio program that she operates in California, USA, shows that the daughter of the late Raúl Vale, who was also the daughter of the deceased, achieved her goal because She was extremely thin While he performed a beautiful dance from the booth where he recorded the aforementioned radio room, the images, as expected, caused a huge stir on digital platforms, where dozens of Internet users asked him to reveal his weight loss secrets.

On the other hand, the comment field of the above-mentioned post was filled with Hundreds of compliments for Angélica Valewhich were made by her fans and even by other show business celebrities who had no qualms about making the daughter of the “Bride of Mexico” look more beautiful than ever.

It is important to keep this in mind on various occasions Angelica Vale She has stated that despite being a few pounds overweight, she never considered herself a “fat” person. In addition, she points out that this adjective did not cause her any problems that could have led to an eating disorder – this made it clear His physical transformation did not require any surgery. Well, he assures that he is very afraid of such interventions.