1676609777 Angelique Boyer and the pressure she refuses to give in

Angelique Boyer and the pressure she refuses to give in to: "You already look like mom" YahooStyle

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - FEBRUARY 15, 2023: Ana Tena, Daniel Elbittar, Angelique Boyer, Danilo Carrera attend the official release of telenovela Amor Invisible at Televisa San Angel.  On February 15, 2023 in Mexico City, Mexico.  (Photo credit should read Jorge Gonzalez/Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Actress Angelique Boyer (centre) flanked by Daniel Elbittar (left) and Danilo Carrera (right) and other cast members from Televisa’s telenovela El amor invincible (Photo: Jorge González/ Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images).

Angelique Boyer He will be 35 next summer and is beginning to celebrate with his eighth leading role in El amor invencible, a telenovela produced by Juan Osorio for TelevisaUnivision, a 2014 version of the Portuguese story created by Inês Gomes, Mar Salgado.

In this melodrama, Boyer brings to life “Leona Bravo,” one of the most important characters he has ever played. “We’re not used to seeing a protagonist like ‘Leona Bravo’, in general she’s always a victim and here she’s anything but a victim and that makes me admire her a lot,” the actress said during the project announcement last November.

According to Angelique, Her new character is “the greatest mother I’ve ever had to play (…), I’m very excited to touch these fibers and to meet a woman with so much courage.” On this occasion, the actress will be the “mother” of two teenagers.

For some, that the actress of the life of a young mother, without having children of her own in real life, it is impossible for her to imagine. And that became clear again at the meeting with the media. “In the trailer I saw you with two kids, I don’t know who they are, but in real life? You already look like a mom, I say it’s time,” they asked.

The reporter’s macho comment was answered very elegantly by Angelique: “Yeah? Any other questions?”

It’s the umpteenth time Angelique Boyer has been asked if she will ever venture into motherhood. And maybe he trusts that with his parsimonious answer he can settle once and for all the question on which none of us should have an opinion.

Boyer has pointed out countless times that she is a full and one hundred percent happy woman, and has questioned the way many were brought up to wrongly believe that to be a “full woman” one must have children be, and the truth is they don’t have any .

Not only the awkward questions about a possible motherhood were the only ones faced by the actress of Teresa and Vencer la ausencia, but also several questions about whether she will marry her boyfriend Sebastián Rulli to formalize the family.

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And it is that in nine years of relationship Angelique has learned to live with Santiago, Rulli’s son, and Cecilia Galliano, also an actress, a relationship that is very good, as shown in an interview with Javier Poza.

“Sebas has a son who is a mechanic in our relationship. When Santi is there, it is a priority and we do things for Santi. It is very fun and nice to meet such a sweet boy who is always so sweet to me was a reflection of the upbringing given to him by his lovely, very funny and empathetic parents”.

But she was clear about what she thought of motherhood.

In an interview for the website Mamás Latinas, Angelique Boyer revealed some reasons why she doesn’t want to have children, but she made it clear that she doesn’t rule out the idea and it will only happen if she decides.

Her first reason is work, because as an actress she is aware that it is very tiring, that sometimes she has to spend long hours and even stay overnight to record. This would not allow her to devote the necessary time that being a mother requires.

“I admire mothers a lot and I’m going to talk about a close example, my actor friends. When I have a workload and I also have to come home, take care of myself, take care of the house and also take care of my friends, and I admire that responsibility that female actresses can have, the women doing what they do, who also have to come home to take care of their children, my respect,” he said.


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