Animal cruelty Two dogs were left in a car for

Animal cruelty: Two dogs were left in a car for 12 hours

Two dogs who were locked and abandoned in a car for more than 12 hours were rescued by police and released in a deplorable condition.

The story unfolded in Dijon in the Burgundy region of France when the two dogs were found trapped in an abandoned vehicle just before 11pm last Monday.

Images from surveillance cameras showed that the vehicle in question had been parked on Rue Pasteur since 10 a.m., more than 12 hours before the police intervention.

Police then had to break the car window to rescue the two animals, which were “very weak” and in “poor condition,” France Bleu reported.

The small dogs were transported to a veterinary clinic before being entrusted to a Dijon SPA animal shelter, where they awaited a possible foster family.

The owner of the two dogs is now the subject of a court case for pet abuse, French media added.