Anitta has fun after being turned around by a fan

Anitta has fun after being turned around by a fan wearing her “Pirates” shirt

Anitta receives a sincere response from a fan and bursts into laughter. Instagram reproduction

Published on January 21, 2024 08:06

Rio Anitta, 30 years old, met some fans before leading her carnival rehearsal in Recife this Saturday and was surprised by the look of one of them. Power Girl noticed that the admirer's tshirt with her photo was “Pirate” and teased him. However, the boy answered sincerely, amusing the singer. The moment was shared on the artist's Instagram.

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Instagram Replay

Instagram Replay

“I can't believe it! You ordered it!” said Anitta. “I had it done. Cheaper,” explained the fan. “Pirate!” responded the singer who needled the boy. “You don’t support the singer’s career.” He then sent the original to the artist. “I'm here to support you, darling!” The singer was amused by the comment and shortly afterwards posed with a smile next to the fan for photos.