Anitta takes a crowd to Mineirão for the debut of her block in BH

After not appearing in Belo Horizonte for five years and performing in the city for the first time with the group “Ensaios da Anitta”, the singer attracted a crowd to the Esplanada do Mineirão this Saturday (January 27).

The gates opened at 2 p.m., but it wasn't until 6:20 p.m. that the singer entered the 360° stage set up in the middle of the event space. The show began with the sounds of “Na beat”, one of his first hits.

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Anitta warmed up the audience and created a real carnival atmosphere with “Combatchy”. He ran and danced around the four corners of the Esplanada while singing “Modo turbo”, “Avisa lá” and his bombastic hit “Envolver”, the most listened to song in the world in March 2022.

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With the repertoire prepared specifically for the Brazilian audience, Anitta, who currently focuses her work abroad, took another look into the past by interpreting the country partnerships “Some que ele vem verso” and “Loka”.

But she didn't forget the gift with “Bellakeo,” a song produced in collaboration with Mexican singer Peso Pluma, which entered the top 10 most listened to songs in the world this month.

At 7 p.m. the first special performance: Djonga. An avowed fan of the rapper from Belo Horizonte, the singer gave him room for “Solto,” “Leal,” and “Penumbra,” in addition to his signature call, “Fogo nos racist,” which was applauded by the funk singer. Participation was also planned for the country singer Lauana Prado, the pagoda group Menos é Mais and DJ Lucas Beat.

Homage to BeijaFlor

Meeting the press earlier in the afternoon, Anitta revealed her look, one of the highlights of the event that caused a stir on social media.

The singer appeared dressed in gold, alluding to the samba plot “Mineirinho awesome! Nova Lima, Hometown: Marquês de Sapucaí, the Immortal Poet” (2016), by Beija Flor de Nilópolis.

When asked why she chose the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo as the subject of her essays, Anitta replied that the Rio Carnival has been a passion since she was a child. “My uncle comes from Velha Guarda do Império Serrano, my favorite school, and he took me to the farm when I was little,” she said.

“I had this idea this year after recording a video there, among others at Beija Flor, of a song that isn't even in Portuguese, but I wanted to show this side outside (of the country). More than 30% of my followers in my networks are not Brazilian, they do not speak Portuguese,” he added.

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Anitta, a lover of the February climate, has already stated that she will not give up on the Brazilian Carnival, explaining that having her own event is also a personal achievement.

“It's wonderful to have my own show, huge and full, the way rehearsals are. I'm super happy. Everything is going well, both here and abroad. “I’m just happy and grateful,” concluded the pop star.

*Intern under the direction of editor Fábio Corrêa