Ann Renee Desbiens and Elaine Chuli the best goalkeeping duo in

Ann-Renée Desbiens and Elaine Chuli: the best goalkeeping duo in the league

Head coach Kori Cheverie, captain Marie-Philip Poulin and goalkeepers Ann-Renée Desbiens and Elaine Chuli agree: Montreal has the best net defense duo in the Professional Women's Hockey League.

The reputation of Desbiens, a member of Team Canada, precedes her, but now Chuli's eyes are wide after she made 45 saves in Wednesday's 2-1 win at Minnesota.

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“In view of Elaine's recent performances, there is currently no doubt,” said Desbiens, “whether she and her partner form the best goalkeeping duo in the entire LPHF.” She was able to give us six points in two games [NDLR: grâce à des victoires à la régulière offrant chacun trois points au classement]. She made some great saves in Minnesota this week.”

“We have known since the beginning of the season that we are really solid in this position,” confirmed Cheverie, also acknowledging the move to third goalkeeper Marlène Boissonnault. We are confident no matter who is in front of the net.”

Healthy competition

Statistically speaking, Chuli's .962 efficiency percentage is incredible, but Desbiens, who is used more often, has nothing to be ashamed of with her .915 efficiency percentage through five games.

“It's really reassuring to have two number one goalies here in Montreal,” agreed the Quebec goalkeeper. Fans don't have to worry about what's happening in the blue semicircle.

And don't think there's a rivalry brewing within the Montreal team.

“We have a lot of fun together, we have similar personalities, we talk a lot, both on the ice in practice and in the locker room,” Desbiens said. We push each other to improve. In the end there is no rivalry between the two of us because we have the same goal and that is for the team to win.

Meet in Laval

The Montreal team hosts Ottawa on Saturday afternoon at Place Bell.

Cheverie, smiling at the end of Friday's practice, declined to say who would be in front of the net for this game.