Anna Tatangelo caught him at dinner the romance exploded here39s

Anna Tatangelo caught him at dinner, the romance exploded: here's who he really cares about iFood

Anna Tatangelo Mattia storyAnna Tatangelo – ifood (Instagram photo)

Is the story between Anna Tatangelo and Mattia Narducci already over? The singer was caught having a romantic dinner.

Anna Tatangelo is still busy with it Mattia Narducci Or is the love story already over? The singer was caught having dinner with someone else, a romantic dinner.

The beautiful Anna After the long affair with his colleague, he began a relationship with the model, who was ten years his junior Gigi D'Alessiowhich lasted from 2005 to 2020. They both have a son, Andrew, born in 2010.

When she came to light in February last year when she posted some shots on her social profile, everyone was impressed by the young man's beauty.

Furthermore, his blue eyes, angelic face and shapely body make him one of the most popular models despite his young age. A few months ago there was even talk of a wedding, but what's happening today?

Anna Tatangelo: after Mattia Narducci having dinner with someone else

Anna Tatangelo spoke about his love story with the young model a very correct in the living room Silvia Toffanin. Here, the singer shared the moments she experienced that made her connect with them Matthias. “It came at an unexpected time in my life. In a time of great fatigue. I had recently lost my mother and didn't want to see anyone. “He knew how to wait and woo me,” he revealed.

The mention of the age difference is also unavoidable, but it doesn't scare her, she lives in great peace. In fact, he noted, “Sometimes the age difference can be an advantage.” Different experiences and different perspectives can be an advantage. If you can enrich each other, it's an opportunity to mature, enjoy things and also have fun, because love is also lightness. I have fun with him, he always knows how to make me smile. It makes me feel good.”

Anna Tatangelo strawberriesAnna Tatangelo's romantic dish – ifood

Who was the Sora singer chickened out of?

As we said a few months ago, there was talk of a wedding between the two Anna Tatangelo and her boyfriend Mattia Narducci, even if they were just rumors that were not confirmed by those directly involved. However, it seems that the singer was caught having dinner at another company. Who is it about?

Simply a romantic and delicious dessert. Some time ago the woman published a story in which she showed a table with a beautiful bottle of champagne outdoors in an ice basket and a beautiful plate of romantic strawberries covered in a veil of delicious chocolate. A romantic and aphrodisiac dessert that we don't know who he shared it with. The story with the model continues well.

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