‘Anna’s Invention’ Inspires Chloe Fineman to Scam Through ‘SNL’

Chloe Fineman learned all the wrong lessons from Netflix’s hit show Reinventing Anna on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

After watching a few episodes of a series about swindler Anna Sorokina who swindled New York’s elite under the moniker “Anna Delvey”, Fineman decides to completely reincarnate as a scammer (played by Julia Garner in the Netflix series) in order to get what she wants. wants in his workplace.

Wearing Sorokin’s trademark glasses, hairdo and supremely bizarre accent, Fineman stomps around 30 Rock and makes frantic demands on his fellow cast members and host Oscar Isaac.

After seeing people eating penniless chips in her presence, she insists that the staff invest in an upgrade. “We need something more exclusive,” she says. “More VIP. Like Nobu.” She tells the NBC page (SNL assistant writer Jacob Kaplan) to “run it on my card”, which, of course, turns out to be a Metrocard card.

Fineman then informs Kyle Mooney that she is occupying his couch before releasing James Austin Johnson from his role as President Joe Biden, all of which she claims are orders from SNL boss Lorne Michaels.

“I assure you, his message is on its way. He’s in the Hamptons now,” she tells Mooney, parodying Sorokin’s deception when he throws names at very rich people to open doors. “Reception very bad, very VIP.”

Fineman then targets Michael Che, directly informing him that she is filling in for him at the “Weekend Update” table. Che did not blink: “Okay, I bet,” he says and takes away the suitcase, which, apparently, has been ready all this time.

But after Fineman brushes Isaac off by telling him he doesn’t look good—which in Sorokin’s drawl sounds like “parr,” “purr,” and “peure,” among other things—her co-star Kate McKinnon tries to stage an intervention.

“I can’t help but notice that you all played pranks today,” says McKinnon, who may have other plans.

Check out the full sketch below.