Anne Heches Son Speaks Out About Actress Death After 5

Anne Heche’s Son Speaks Out About Actress’ Death After 5 Months Splash

Actress Anne Heche’s youngest son, Atlas Heche, 14, spoke for the first time about his mother’s death five months after she left. In an interview with the Los Angeles Inquisitor, Atlas said “the most brilliant person I’ve ever met.”

“She always knew how to solve a problem or help a friend. She always knew how to do the right thing. I can’t put into words how grateful I am or how much I miss her,” the teenager said.

Anne’s exhusband James Trupper, father of Atlas Heche, also praised the star:

“She and I have been together for over a decade, we have a beautiful son together, and in that time she has been the definition of light in our lives, always bringing fun, love and energy. She will always be remembered in our hearts and minds,” said.

Autopsy confirmed by Anne Heche “no evidence of impairment” from illegal drugs when he suffered his fatal car accident in August. Despite drugs in the body, the celebrity was not under the influence of drugs.

The actress tested positive for benzoylecgonine, cocaine, fentanyl and co cannabinoids according to the Page Six coroner’s report. As the doctor explained to the newspaper, the star had used benzoylecgonine and cannabinoids at some point, but not on the day of the accident.

Fentanyl was used on Anne Heche while she was hospitalized to relieve her pain.

The coroner ruled that his death was an accident., caused by inhalation and thermal injuries. The report went on to note that the fractured sternum also contributed to her death, as it “became painful to breathe when she was in her vehicle.”

In the report, professionals announced that she was trapped It took about 30 minutes in the car before emergency services arrived and took her out of the vehicle. During this time, Anne Heche had seconddegree burns on more than 12% of her body, including part of her face and neck.

Accident of Anne Heche

On August 5, Anne Heche crashed her car, a blue Mini Cooper, into a home in Los Angeles. Witnesses said it crashed into the driveway of an apartment complex and while backing up hit another vehicle at high speed, sparking a fire in the accident.

At the time, the actress’ rep told Page Six that she suffered an anoxic brain injury and a lung injury and was undergoing surgery for the burns she sustained from the accident.

On August 12, Anne Heche was declared brain dead at the age of 53. Three days later, the devices were switched off. The star left two children.