Anne Marie Withenshaw spectacularly slides down the stairs and the result

Anne-Marie Withenshaw spectacularly slides down the stairs and the result is as hilarious as it is disastrous – 7 days

On January 25, 2024, a thin layer of ice turned the south of the province into an improvised slide site, making many people unhappy… to our greatest joy, because it must be admitted that such incidents usually occur an inexhaustible source of fun for viewers.

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Anne Marie Withenshaw and her lover Jay Walker unfortunately, without warning and under the astonished eyes of their children, stormed down the outside stairs of their house, Chloe And Emma Roseas well as her trusty surveillance camera, a silent witness to her dangerous descent.

“Beautiful nonsense this morning ⛸️🥌🏂 (seriously, I'm not in pain – no people were hurt in this fail video),” the radio host wrote on Instagram with a touch of sarcasm.

Reactions quickly poured into the comments section, where many personalities expressed their hilarity, although some expressed serious concerns about the couple's physical condition after such a spectacular fall.

The host at the helm wants to calm worried minds It's just television quickly discovered that neither she nor her partner had suffered any injuries or even a dent in their pride in their acrobatic fall.

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If the couple is safe and sound, we can all enjoy this video that promises to sweep the internet in a flash at the end of the day.

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