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"Another piece of television accompanies him": The sudden death of the familiar face has plunged everyone into despair IT

Another great from the vast world of Italian entertainment has passed away from this world. Everyone is shocked.

It is a definitely a very hard and sad momentand for our country. In fact, the artists are mourning the loss of one of their own. Let’s talk about a special man and a great professional Who worked during the his long and brilliant career with holy monsters, some of whom are still alive and who wanted it Keep this in mind on social media too.

Not for nothing, you know, that virtual platforms have long been the fastest and most powerful forms of communication. In fact, I manage to do it simultaneously and in no time Come anywhere. And so for Express your pain They are also used extensively for pay homage to those who have left this world and to the grieving family.

Surely now is the right time for this of tearsthen there will be more and more that of memory which, however, is already resurfacing in the minds and hearts of the majority. There are those who remember I worked intensively on it even recently or just because I saw it in the theater and got it hugged tightly as a sign of clear appreciation and a lot of affection.

The sudden death of the well-known television face

He told about it on his very popular official Instagram profile by sharing a post with a nice message and a photo with an exquisite and infinite Amarcord flavor he wanted to say goodbye to him one last time. We are also talking about a great artist A very pretty woman and endowed with a physicality that is nothing short of spectacular.

She is a total showgirl as she can dance, sing, host and act. A long time ago operates in Mediaset and especially he does it in the role of teacher for the Father of all talents. At first she did it in terms of dance and then moved on to it, albeit with a certain ease I sing. Do you understand who we’re talking about?

Great sadness in the entertainment worldLorella Cuccarini RomaIT.it

“With him, another piece of television is disappearing,” says Lorella Cuccarini, mourning him bitterly

Out of Lorella Cuccarini mourns the loss of his dear friend Luca Sabatelli, costume and set designer for many artists and shows, not just television shows. He also worked closely with the Legendaries and Defendants Raffaella Carra. She called him both a friend and a genius. Many wanted to comment the message of the most popular Italians.

And in addition to friends and VIPs, there is one user who rightly emphasized this “With him comes another piece of television”. In addition, there are those who have emphasized that these are undoubtedly: another great and difficult loss even after disappearing from this world Gino Landiexcellent choreographer and director for theater and television.

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