another series is already in the works

another series is already in the works

What will this series be about? “It will be an issue that affects us, that we hardly understand and that risks raising awareness. “When I'm worried about a topic, that's what inspires me the most,” Danielle Trottier, who has been working on it for some time, tells me.

Many of you have expressed disappointment since Friday at the announcement that your beating heart will end next December. I was just as surprised as you to find out, especially since the series has never been more compelling than it was this winter.

Please note that the decision to quit does not come from Radio-Canada, but from the author herself.

“I knew I wouldn’t write about this topic for seven years. I wouldn't have wanted us to get used to violence. The last thing a writer wants is to repeat themselves. I was satisfied, these 48 episodes allowed me to address the things that seemed most sensitive to me.”

– Danielle Trottier

Finally, Christophe L'Allier's tragic family history is explored over five and a half seasons, including the All Life years. Although the question of violence is rich and important, it remains dark and difficult. “Heartbeat” is a dense and intense work.

Furthermore, it is not said that Roy Dupuis, who rarely devotes himself to the same project for an extended period of time, would have returned for another year. His departure wouldn't have stopped the series from continuing, but let's just say it would have been a big loss.

“I called Roy myself to tell him. “He initially got involved because it was social issues,” remembers the author.

In order to respect this close relationship that she has always maintained with the audience, Danielle Trottier promises not to disappoint them in the next 18 episodes and wants to “give her all”.

“The viewer will be amazed,” she swears.

The author always admits that she has two or three projects lined up to be ready at the end of a series.

His new series, like All Life and Beating Heart, will be released annually and consist of 24 episodes per year.

The Emperor: The Christian must pay

In <i>The emperor</i> Jean-Philippe Perras certainly delivers the performance of his career.” src=”×0/filters:format(jpg) :quality(100)/” width=”768″ height=”0″ loading=”lazy”/></p><p class=In The Emperor, Jean-Philippe Perras certainly delivers the performance of his career. (Bertrand Calmeau)

Have you been following The Emperor on Noovo this winter? With this series about an aggressor, a narcissistic pervert who always gets away scot-free in the end, Michelle Allen has certainly created her most powerful work.

No unnecessary scenes in this second season, better than the first where the author kept us in suspense and addressed a heavy but important topic.

Jean-Philippe Perras, who was excellent in The Blue Hour and The Fault, certainly delivers the performance of his career. He turned this charming but dirty character into the most insufferable creature the earth has ever known. Each of his victorious cries made us hate him even more.

But I cannot ignore the immense talent of Madeleine Péloquin, whose character bitterly regretted refusing to see how vile her brother was, even towards his own daughter, whom he raped.

That scene where she breaks everything in the house had an extremely strong emotional charge. Hats off to this actress, who we also saw in “Ixe-13” and “The Uranium Race”.

The Emperor finally ends on Wednesday at 8 p.m. with an episode entitled “Catch me if you can”, which sums up quite well what Christian Savard lets us experience before he disappears.

This series sought to highlight how difficult it is for victims to report their attacker. Let's just hope their efforts aren't in vain.

The Noovo series was followed by an average of 463,000 followers this winter, according to confirmed data from Numeris, which counts shots.

The Voice and The Hen Reign

The first duels of “La Voix” drew 1,494,000 viewers on TVA on Sunday, making it the most-watched program ahead of “The Hen with the Golden Eggs,” which saw 1,053,000 viewers and which had a record jackpot of 1,527. 000 US dollars was won.

Am Sonntag wurde bei <i>La goose aux oeufs d'or</i> won a record jackpot of $1,527,000.” src=”×0/filters:format(jpg) :quality(100)/” width=”1440″ height=”0″ loading=”lazy”/></p><p class=A record jackpot of $1,527,000 was won on Sunday at La goose aux oeufs d'or. (VAT)

The merit is all the greater since the show by Sébastien Benoit and Julie Houle is broadcast at 5:30 p.m.

Vlog (934,000) and Tout le monde entalk (890,000) follow in the Sunday charts.

On Saturday, the new episode of La petite vie on ICI Télé attracted 1,217,000 curious people and En direct de l'univers 1,132,000.

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