Antonella Clerici pregnant is even more beautiful and radiant the

Antonella Clerici, pregnant, is even more beautiful and radiant: the photo warms your heart iFood

Antonella Clerici is pregnantAntonella Clerici Ifood

Antonella Clerici, the pregnant presenter. That's why she's even more beautiful. The shot that warms the heart.

If we talk about it Antonella Clerici We must immediately be clear about what we are going to talk about a great professional with behind a lot of training and a very respectable resume. As many will surely remember, he made his first steps on television in the role of Sports journalist and then moved to broader management.

It has been this way for many years the undisputed queen of cooking shows. Not for nothing, after the resounding success with The cooking test, who are in charge of for a certain period of time Elisa Isoardi, is back to chat with another Sui Generis. Obviously we are referring to It's always midday.

And he does exactly that every day, from Monday to Friday just before lunchtimealso on Rai 1. Until a few weeks ago we enjoyed the second season of on Friday evenings The Voice Kids That was a real success. Now there is great anticipation to see the whole thing on air Senior.

In the meantime, she relaxes wonderfully in her between recordings of her culinary program House in the forest where she moved years ago for love Vittorio Garrone. He's fine, even if she has no intention of marrying him after the end of two marriages behind.

Antonella Clerici pregnant, she looks even more beautiful

Among other things, she suffered a lot when her love story with him ended Eddie MartensFather of her little daughter Maelle who is now 14 years old and beautiful. The little girl is very diligent and he loves nature, nature and life very much enjoy your meal. Apparently it doesn't even bother him cooked.

It's not for nothing that months ago his mother showed a shot of her appearing in a story she uploaded to her very popular official Instagram profile the small pizzas of his creation. Now it looks like she might not stay Only child. In fact, the recording speaks very clearly to this topic. Pregnant Antonella is even more beautiful than usualas well as radiant.

Antonella Clerici is pregnantAntonella Clerici – Photo credit Oggi – Ifood

The photo that will warm your heart

In reality, that's what it's all about a photo with an exquisite and infinite Amarcord flavor that the presenter, who is one of the most popular and popular Italians of all ages, had told her fans when he carried his weight in his belly. Among other things, he also dedicated it to her an intense autobiographical book entitled “Waiting for You”.

In any case, she will apparently stay thereAntonellina's only daughter who has to think in addition to his own thinking charming companion and to her work, which undoubtedly keeps her very busy, ai loves his beloved fur with whom he often likes to go for walks in the forest regenerate and stay fit.

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