1664828543 Antonella Clerici the cutest discovery what happened behind the scenes

Antonella Clerici, the “cutest” discovery: what happened behind the scenes

Antonella Clerici, the ‘Sweetest’ Discovery: What Happened Behind the Scenes of Her Show It’s Always Noon.

It has now become a fixed date for Rai Uno viewers. Let’s talk about It’s Always Noon, the show performed by Antonella Clerici, broadcast daily from around 12 noon.

Antonella Clerici discoveryAntonella Clerici (Cedits Raiplay)

A program of simple things in which, starting from delicious recipes, we will chat about the most diverse topics and contemplate the beauties of our Italy. It also seems to run in the family, with Antonella Clerici at the helm, one of the most beloved faces of Italian audiences. And just a few days ago, before an episode of the show, Antonella shared something with her Instagram followers cute pictures: Do you know what happened behind the scenes?

Antonella Clerici and the sweet behind-the-scenes discovery of It’s Always Noon

Antonella Clerici is one of the most popular faces on our television, but maybe not everyone knows that the presenter is also active on social media. Let’s talk about Instagram, where in the last few days he has been sharing pictures that have not gone unnoticed. As so often, before airing with It’s always noon Antonella shows this to the followers ‘backstage’ of the program and a wonderful surprise came to her a few days ago.

In the backstage of It’s Always Noon, it was he who showed up Vittorio Garrone, his partner, she is very much in love with. Happy, accomplices and smiling, Antonella and Vittorio walked hand in hand along the corridor that led to the broadcasting studio. “You are an irresistible love,” are Vittorio’s sweet words to the presenter just before the episode begins.

Antonella Clerici discoveryAntonella and Vittorio (Instagram Credits)

Who wouldn’t want to be half charged before starting work? Another confirmation of the great love that unites this couple, one of the most beautiful and solid of the moment. The two met thanks to a mutual friend, nutritionist Evelina Falchi, who identified Vittorio as the right man for Antonella. She wasn’t wrong!