Antonella Fiordelisi on Edoardo Donnamaria I didnt think it was

Antonella Fiordelisi on Edoardo Donnamaria: “I didn’t think it was like this” Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Right after the radio Antonella with Nikita and Davidhe retreats to the pool to comment on some of the behavior and statements of his better half.

“I didn’t think it was like that,” begins the fencer’s outburst, showing disappointment at the statements of the VIP, “She invents things to blame me,” she continues in a tone full of anger.

His companions, noticing their partner’s suffering, praise her for the composure and elegance she has maintained despite what they consider to be the wrong behavior of the handsome Roman. “Didn’t you really talk today?” asks the businessman, noticing the fencer’s pain. Antonella confirms and regrets that immediately after the radio the VIP did not take the opportunity to address and clarify her, preferring instead to go to the Cortiletto to speak to her friends.

Shortly after, the VIPs move onto the porch, and Nikita continues to show up close to her partner, “Look on the bright side,” she says, referring to the fact that she doesn’t have anything to blame on her part, “Time is everything,” explains them and relates to the pain and wounds that will heal over time.

The model says openly and trustingly that she is sure that her companions will soon clear up her misunderstandings and that their relationship will be stronger than ever.

Antonella has no intention of clarifying at the moment, preferring to stay away from him and diluting the anger she feels in loneliness. How will tension develop between the #Donnalisi couple?