Antonella Fiordelisis reflections on her pals in nominations Big Brother

Antonella Fiordelisi’s reflections on her pals in nominations Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

The nominations from yesterday’s live broadcast were a big topic of discussion throughout the day, with many Vipponi from Italy’s most spied house continuing to worry.

Antonella shares his thoughts and says so in turn among the three nominated VIPs Nikita it is the one who will be saved for sure, “that could never come out in this televoting,” she asserts, confident of her thoughts.

Regarding Orianathe fencer admits that she is a great protagonist of this big brother, but in her opinion she has unfairly become one by addressing the right people and constantly causing provocation and tension in the house.

On the other hand, he recognizes George’s pure and kind soul and wants the Casa audience to reward him for his true and loyal ways. “He never talks bad about people, he doesn’t provoke anyone,” emphasizes the VIP and instead distances himself from the behavior of the beautiful Venezuelan.

Antonella, without too many words, hints at her will to continue having the young Tiktoker in the house, rather than a stronger personality like Oriana’s. What will the VIP think of these statements about them?