Antonino Cannavacciuolo caught at sea with her his new love

Antonino Cannavacciuolo caught at sea with her, his new love is very famous: his wife Cinzia had to resign iFood

Antonino Cannavacciuolo was caught at sea with herAntonino Cannavacciuolo Ifood

The gentle giant Antonino Cannavacciuolo has betrayed. His great love came to the fore, to the disappointment of his wife Cinzia.

He is back in force Heavenand it's not just since now that the program has been coming loaded At all related platforms and also above NOWwith the Cooking show most popular with Italians, along with their now good friends Giorgio Locatelli And Bruno BarbieriIt is about MasterChef Italywhich is now the case, to the delight of the general public, as already mentioned Can also be used in clear view.

Antonino He made his appearance on the show in a previous season when he took on the role fourth judgeand then place them next to each other Bruno Barbieriwho is now considered a veteran, having not missed a single season since 2011, Carlo Cracco And Joe Bastianich. He hasn't left since.

Since I three judges those just mentioned remainedThe atmosphere has changed on the whole, for the simple fact that the three are have become good friends and they make no secret of it they hang out also to cameras off. Be all three Cook And Entrepreneur secure they have a lot in common and to share.

This new atmosphere is then of course which is primarily perceived by the competitors in the studio, who in turn are, so to speak encouraged to do his best in the kitchen, as well as the audience at home watching the show with greater enjoyment and interest. However, attention now seems to have focused on this Antonino.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo, his life outside of reality TV

The Gentle Giantthat's how it is defined Antonino Cannavacciuolo given firstly its size and secondly its size calm tone of voice And calmingwho is able to make everyone who works under his leadership and under his protective wing, so to speak, completely relaxed breathed A great gastronomic atmosphere since I was little.

Be He spent his childhood in kitchens and be dedicationAfter years of study and practice, he achieved it turned into a job, and also remarkable. Its main restaurant is very famous Villa Crespi, which he runs together with his wife Cinzia. It is precisely in this direction that what we could describe as treason seems to have emerged. Who is his true greatness? Love?

Antonino Cannavacciuolo was caught at sea with herAntonino Cannavacciuolo Ifood

The true love of Cannavacciuolo

No, that's not the point no betrayal from the perspective of sentimentalsince Antoninus is silent very much in love of their Cynthia and that the marriage and their love are going well, but we are talking about one thing deep passion And carnal We could say which one the chef He can't and doesn't know how to say no. We're obviously talking about it fishing.

Even the recordings that showed him as a child and that were passed on Official Facebook profile On the cooking show they showed him how to use bait and lines. On the other hand, as he himself says in the commercial in which he appears as a testimonial, it is important that a fish dish tastes good conquer the sea. Antonino That's why you can't help but get on a boat as quickly as possible Fishing trip.

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