Anuel shared what caused his weight loss

Anuel shared what caused his weight loss

Internet users have been noticing a physical change in reggaeton singer Anuel for a few weeks. The artist is thinner than usual noticed.

Fans immediately speculated that the change could be due to his new wife. Yailin and the singer have been married for just a month and confirmed their relationship in January this year.

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Networks said the reason for Anuel’s abrupt weight loss was a problem with drugs or alcohol. However, the artist took to his Instagram account to deny the rumors.

“I don’t understand now that if Anuel is very thin, that if I do drugs, what I’m ready for,” explained the Puerto Rican.

Other users assured that the reason for this His thinness is due to the passionate nights he spends with his new wife. The Puerto Rican gave a wink to that theory when he posted a video of him dancing with Yailin, in which he suggested it was the best physical exercise.

After all, the cause of his change is known. In an interview with the Dominican station “Alofoke Radio”, Anuel said he has been on a strict diet for two years and is now seeing the results.

The singer also explained that his love of martial arts keeps him healthy and compels him to be in peak condition. He says he started eating better and exercising since he felt he had gained a few pounds.

“For the past two years I’ve started dieting, I’ve been on a diet for two years,” Annual explained in an attempt to clear up the rumours.

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The last concert

The Puerto Rican is on tour in Europe to take part in various summer festivals. At his last performance in Badajoz, Spain, he was on stage when a man ran him over and left him on the ground.

In the videos uploaded by fans on social networks, someone can be seen running towards the singer and throwing him to the ground. At that moment, security forces arrive to try to take him away from Anuel.

Lying helpless on the floor himself, the man grabs the artist’s legs to prevent him from being carried out of the bar. The only way to remove it was to get the trailer between five security guards.

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