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Araceli Bisogno, mother of driver Daniel Bisogno, has died

Amid the complicated health situation that the driver of “Ventaneando” is going through, Daniel Bisgonohis mother's unfortunate death was confirmed, Araceli.

TV Notas published a picture in which no further information was given about the cause of death of the presenter's mother, who has been in the hospital for several days due to lung bacteria.

“Unfortunately, María Araceli Bisogno, mother of the beloved drivers Daniel and Alex Bisogno, has passed away. Rest in peace,” the post on social media reads.

Although Doña Aracely's children remained close to the world of entertainment, she stayed away from the cameras and kept her age and profession secret.

Although Daniel rarely shared photos with his parents, in 2021 he opened his heart like never before when talking about his relationship with his mother: “My mother was always very loving to us, she always treated us very well. She threw the flip-flop at us, yes, but only when we were running. He made me get my father's lemonade every day, publicly yelling at me from everywhere to get my father's coca,” he explained at the time.

In 2020, the lady was on the verge of death because she was infected with Covid-19 and her condition was very serious, but fortunately she managed to recover and move on.

The driver's family has not yet commented on the matter. EL UNIVERSAL, for its part, reported that Araceli will be cremated at a funeral home south of Mexico City.

Yesterday, February 23rd, “Ventaneando” reported. Daniel Bisogno He is recovering as he is no longer intubated and is breathing on his own.

“Daniel is already breathing on his own,” he said. Pedro Solaand added: “Our partner will be released from hospital soon, we are all very happy.”

Bisogno underwent lung surgery to combat a bacteria; This week, Pati Chapoy confirmed that he was in intensive care and intubated. However, this situation changed when the driver responded satisfactorily by lowering his sedation level.

*With information from Reyna Avendaño.

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